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How to watch MCU livebroadcast with Android

          Currently, the Android operating system does not support Flash Player, but then turned to watch the development with HTML5 video instead, which resulted in a system that we launch that event with Flash Media Encoder affected. Can not watch It has to be resolved by the Browser Download Dolphin Browser, which is an old and still use the Flash Player Plugin.
In this way, MCU IT was not complacent. We’re Developing systems for live support HTML5, which will be in soon, of course.
(1) How to Download Dolphin Browser go to the Play Store or download it directly to web Dolphin Browser >> here.
(2) And in the Play Store, then type in the search box on the top search. By using the keyword “Dolphin Browser” on Figure 2 below.
(3) Clicking “ติดตั้ง” (Setup/Install) to install as the figure 3 below
(4) Press “ยอมรับ” (Accept) as the figure 4 below…

(5) It will be the progress of the installation. Wait until the installation is complete.
(6) When we completed the installation Up to the “open” to show that the installation has been completed. Press to open soon Or press the Home button to exit first.
(7) If we hit a home button You will see the icon of Dolphin Browser outside.
(8) Trying by click the Dolphin Browser icon , type the URL above to access the web MCU then press Go.
When visit MCU site already. Looking for the menu bar on the right hand “ถ่ายทอดสด”  livebordcast and press into it as this figure 7 below

(9) When we enter the live broadcast page we will see a window for lives streaming, Press “Play” a round on a middle as a figure 8 below…
(10) Now, Dolphin Browser is warning that the Flash Player our old arrangement, it will give us a new Update Click “Update”.
(11)  Then downloaded to finish. Up until the warning below Download finished, press the “Install” next.
* In case we did not press. It was gone before we press “Play” button in the middle of the round again.

(12) The program is open to Let us turn to choose Installer package and press the word “Only this time“.
(13) Then we had to watch a live broadcast. In absence of a live event, we also watch 2nd channels at the right to watch MCU-TV before the blackout, which will be broadcast at any time.